Full Electric Pallet Jack with Weighing ScalesFull Electric Pallet Jack with Weighing Scales
Full Electric Pallet Jack with Weighing Scales
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Full Electric Pallet Jack- 1.5Ton with Weighing Scales

  • Product Code: MEF15S
  • Category: Full / Semi Electric Pallet Jack
  • Manufacturer: Mitaco
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This 1500kg Full Electric Pallet Jack with weighing scales meets all the challenges in your warehouse/storeroom. Featuring a good load capacity and travel speed making this pallet jack ideal for working with tail gate loaders & delivery trucks. 


  • Fully electric with 1500 KG load capacity.
  • High precision A/D conversion from ADI.
  • Special digital filtering technology to strengthen anti-vibration ability.
  • Able to set up digital filter intensity, range, and stable time.
  • Add up function.
  • Selectable backlight model Kg/lb switch function.
  • Working environment is at -0 ℃ to 40 ℃
  • Offer Automatic lifting, walking, lowering, and turning of heavy pallets.
  • Lightweight and compact design suitable for working in smaller space areas.
  • Rechargeable batteries with built in charger and auto cut off features to prevent overcharging.
  • Uses 240V, so it can be charged easily from any source.
  • The batteries offer 85amp hours so you can enjoy exceptional duty capabilities.
  • Easy and simple to operate so that any staff can operate the machine.
  • Magnetic braking offers better riding control and safety.
  • Comes with polyurethane tires, which ensures smooth running.
  • Uses clean electric power and hence has less impact on the environment.
  • Low noise during working.
  • Balance wheels with the foot protection board to prevent any foot injury while operating.
  • Easy to dismantle and assemble, hence very convenient to maintain.
  • Polyurethane Wheels: a softer compound that distributes the weight more evenly over the floor and are non-marking.







Weight Including Battery



Min Fork Height



Max Fork Height



Overall Length



Overall Width



Fork Spread



Aisle width / Pallet Crossways


1000x1200 / 1780

Aisle width / Pallet Length-ways


800x1200 / 1930

Turning radius (outer) 



Laden travel speed



Unladen travel speed



Maximum gradeability laden



Maximum gradeability unladen-



Battery Dimensions LxWxH



Battery voltage 



Battery rated capacity



Lifting motor power



Traveling speed with weight



Traveling speed without weight



Lowering speed with/without load



Lifting speed with load



Lifting speed without load



Turning radius



Load Cell Sensitivity






Display dot matrix screen



Operating temperature       



Operating temperature      



Relative humidity   



Spare Parts : CLICK HERE


  • Ability to move objects or pallet to long distances within short time and hence transporting loads becomes easy.
  • The efficiency of the electric pallet jacks increases the productivity of the company employees.
  • Smaller size offers easy manoeuvrability so that it can be used even in small warehouses & trucks.
  • Cost-effective alternative to forklifts.
  • Versatility of use as it can be used to move pallets of products from warehouses to retail floors, transport of display units, filing cabinets, furniture, etc.
  • Several hours of work without recharging the battery.
  • Reduces the use of gasoline powered forklifts and hence reduces environmental pollution.
  • Operation of fully electric pallet jack is quieter than the gasoline powered forklifts.
  • Better visibility while operating reduces the chances of accidents.
  • The safety of the operator is given due importance even when lifting full loads so that the operator does not feel any muscle or back injury.
  • The full electric pallet jack comes with a competent electric system and a good handle design that makes operating the machine extremely easy and comfortable.
  • It can be operated by a single person and does not need multiple people to lift pallets.

Safety Measures While Using Electric Pallet Jack:

  • Read the Instruction manual prior to use
  • Training staff before using the product is highly recommended 
  • Before use check the equipment over to ensure it is in perfect working order
  • Wear safety steel toe boots
  • Ensure your feet are clear from under the equipment
  • Do not carry pallets which exceed the maximum capacity
  • Never try to pull or push the load, the pallet jack will do it for you
  • When moving on inclined surface go in reverse mode
  • If the load obstructs the view get the help of co-worker to give guidance