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Guard Rails / Bollards

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Safety Bollard- High Profile Guard

Product Code: MBW170

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Sales price: $275.00
Total without tax: $250.00
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Base price with tax: $99.00
Sales price: $94.00
Discount: - $5.00
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Safety Bollard- Low Profile Guard

Product Code: MBW178

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Sales price: $150.00
Total without tax: $136.36
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Buy Safety Bollards to Safe Employees from Injuries 

Safety bollards are varied in size and quality, from short steel presents on enormous solid structures. However, they're astoundingly comparable in their capacity to repulse the threat. This makes them an amazing shield against a wide range of perils, from stray vehicles to fear-based oppressor assaults. However, they require not look forcing or scaring. Truth be told, they regularly do twofold obligation as a grower, statues, wellsprings, passages, and other beautiful open works. They are made from metal, concrete, plastic and other materials. They are very useful on sidewalks, around residences, in parking lots, etc. 


Stay Away Traffic from Sensitive Areas

Safety bollards / Guard Rails are capable visual updates that a zone is untouchable to vehicles, people, or both. In the present data immersed society, a large number of messages going after everybody's consideration consistently. Security bollards remind bystanders that they should focus on their environment. They likewise fill in as a notice to the individuals who might cause hurt intentionally.

We have Bollards with barrier post, high profile guard, low profile guard variants. We can deliver your products all over Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Adelaide within 48 hrs.